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  • I think some ESC can't even be calibrated like the DJI Naza ESCs. The real important thing is that all esc produce the same thrust with the motors at an equal pwm value. Otherwise the performance of your flightcontrol will be degraded or non functional. I calibrate all my esc between 1000-2000us pwm like i am used to from my multiwii copters (calibrate transmitter throttlechannel with gui first). Lets say your ESC factory default calibration is between 1000-1800us. Than you will loose 10% of the range and your motors will max out too soon with no headroom left for the flightcontrol for leveling your copter and this is dangerous. Not knowing the approach of the Arducopter software it is the safest way to learn in the esc on full range (1000-2000 us) and afterwards limiting the throttlechannel of your transmitter to 90% or so, that the flightcontrol still has headroom for leveling your craft when you press your throttle to the metal in panic situations. BTW: I don't limit my throttlestick.

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  • ESC calibration sets all ESCs to the limits of the throttle.  I would say that if you are flying stably you are not in danger of crashing but your quad may not be flying at full potential.  That is just my opinion based on my experience.  You should calibrate as soon as possible.

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