I was trying to order some new Lipo batteries and I was unpleasant surprised I can not more order with Registered Airmail. Not sure when this new rule was implemented.

Before, the shipping cost for a 3S (below), was $6.99, now the shipping price is $24.99. Almost 4 times higher price. Is toooo much I believe.

I am looking for another Lipo provider...

Any alternative or other website for acceptable Lipo for shipping to Canada?


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  • Draganflyer in Saskatoon supplies larger LiPo battery sizes and there are others.... e.g. a Hobbyshop in Swift Current that sells MRs almost exclusively to the RCMP.

    But at the end of the day, I think you can still buy them from HK International for a competitive price regardless of the additional shipping costs. Buying from USA has been problematic for many years largely due to UPS and some other couriers tacking on a minimum flat rate brokerage fee (used to be $50 for UPS)!!!

    Most conventional Hobbyshops are not up to speed on the needs of large Multicopters however and typically only offer smaller battery volts/amp-hour capacities.

    I am considering doing a road trip into USA and bringing back a large supply duty free but might have to update my TDG certification etc. to account for HAZMAT requirements. Anyone know where to go to get to HobbyKing USA warehouse?

  • Yes I saw this as well, this really sucks since Hobbyking does not have a warehouse in Canada and ordering from the USA warehouse = UPS = insane custom clearance fees.

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