I have 2 x novatel OEM615 receivers, one with roving firmware and another for the DGPS base station.  I also have a 600-LB L1 L2 Pinwheel antenna.

Each receiver cost $3500 and the antenna $1000.  I'm willing to sell each receiver for $1000 and the antenna for $500 each or the all of them together for $2250. 

You can read about the receivers here :


Thanks Adam.

Increased satellite availability with GLONASS tracking
L1, L2 and L2C signal tracking
GL1DE® smoothing algorithm
RT-2™, RT-2 Lite, RT-20®, ALIGN®
and RAIM firmware options

Proven NovAtel technology
Easy to integrate
Low power consumption
Application Programming
Interface (API) reduces hardware requirements and system complexity

120 Channels2
Signal Tracking
GPS: L1, L2, L2C
Galileo: E1
Horizontal Position Accuracy (RMS)
Single Point L1 1.5 m
Single Point L1/L2 1.2 m
SBAS4 0.6 m
DGPS 0.4 m
RT-205 0.2 m
RT-2TM 1 cm+1 ppm
Initialization time < 10 s
Initialization reliability > 99.9%
Measurement Precision (RMS)
Fully independent code and carrier
L1 C/A Code 4 cm 8 cm
L1 Carrier Phase 0.5 mm 1 mm
L2 P(Y) Code6 8 cm 8 cm
L2 Carrier Phase6 1 mm 1 mm
L2C code7 8 cm 8 cm
L2C carrier phase7 0.5 mm 0.5 mm
Data Rate8
Measurements up to 50 Hz
Position up to 50 Hz

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  • All together seems a wise decision...

    Let me know if this is still available.

    • Hi, Sorry, its all sold. Cheers,

  • Hi Adam,

    Is it your novatel gps oem615 with antenna still available? 

    Im interest to take offer. What is the  condition?

    Thanks an regards

    Bambang-jakarta indonesia

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