Octo overshoots Yaw by about 80% PID's don't seem to make any difference???

Vehicle: octo running arducopter latest build 3.5.3. frame 910mm 6kg without payload.

I've just swapped over to a Pixhawk 2 FC and i've noticed a strange behavior with Yaw before and after tuning and auto tuning. The copter keeps spinning after yaw command by about 80% of the initial, so say if I input yaw till the copter completes a full 360 degrees stop input, the copter won't stop yawing until another 270 degrees.

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Sorry I should add that i've adjusted PID's and ran several autotunes but no real change. incresing the I value to 1/10th of P and beyond yealds no discernible change. I've attached a snapshot of my current PID's above.

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