Hi, This is my first post on this forum so i'm sorry if i do something completely wrong :)

A few days ago, i was flying my octocopter. i'm trying to get a pretty good copter. This time i was flying to test my brushless gimbal. the gimbal worked pretty good (i think). I was just hovering a bit above the grass and thought lets do a 360 degree turn :). As you see in the video when i was performing the spin. the motors just went dead. it fell out of the sky from about 7 meters (22 feet). It happend at around the 2 minute mark in this video http://youtu.be/az4bh-hSpno while flying in Loiter mode (sorry for the kind of bad quality video, I ordered my gopro a few days ago but it didn't arrive yet :)

Does anybody have an idea? I will really appreciate it :D

PS (I am running arducopter 3.1.1 Octocopter x-config on a ardupilot 2.5)

PPS (sorry for the spelling mistakes, english is not my native language)

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Nobody has a solution? :D

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