First of all, came from naza and never looked back. AC is one of the best controllers i have ever used!

My most recent build is a fairly large Hexa (Tarot X6, Pixhawk, Dualsky 330kv, Hobbywing Plat. 40A, 17inch CF, 2Ah Multistar 6s2p, RCT ASP 3-Axis, Sony a6000).

Did necessary balancing of the frame, balanced the props ok-ish. Flew fine with default PID, after autotune copter feels a wobbely/not stable, and i can see clear vibrations on the gimbal. Also the roll/pitch rates seem waaaaaaaay off... :/

What do you guys think, should i run autotune again or tune the copter mid air? (manual tune is a bit scary with bigger copters...)

Vibrations, roll and pitch seem fine on the log by me, am i missing something?

Here is a log and the PID (AC 3.2.1):


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I would run it again with AC3.3b9 perhaps.....get your numbers and then if you want switch back to 3.2.1?

my autotune values were never good, I ended up tuning manually slowly over many flights (10-15 or so)

With witch values did you finaly end during manual tuning ?

I assume you did not autotune with the gimbal? If so you should do it without.

Haven't had much time lately, but managed to swap out the propellers (16x4.7) and gimbal (arris). Did a manual tune to P 0,225/ I 0,48 / D 0,009

I feel like i can crack up the P value more but as stated not much time beside work and puppy. Strangely now it flys really good in stab but feels less stable in atti or poshold. Will keep you updated.

And yes i guess i did autotune with gimbal on so i guess my bad! ;)

Okay, PIDs are fine. For anyone using this frame i suggest getting other motor mounts the plastic mounts are flimsy (got myself the t810). Also mount the gimbal beneath the plate for the batteries for more stable results.

These look like the same motor mounts that come with the 650sport which I found to be absolute junk - if you don't tighten them enough onto the tube they slip round in flight, if you overtighten them even slightly they split and break.  I changed to the tarot aluminium vibration-absorbing mounts - a bit more money but I haven't had to be a single replacement yet, they don't slip on the tube, and, well, absorb vibrations!

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