Onboard camera on ARDUCOPTER for image processing



        I am planning to integrate image processing with my arducopter . I will be detecting red light and arabic text using grougnd station and MATLAB. Can someone please tell me which wireless camera should i use .

As we are using a quadrotor , the camera must be capable of Non Line Of Video Transmisson . 


 Please help .... i m in a great mess....

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  • hello every one im just beginner in this field and i have problem in communicating the apm 2.6 with MATLAB could you help me plz to solve this issue
  • I used a CMUCam2 (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~cmucam/) on a UAV project 3-4 years ago to do a similar task. It's relatively expensive (200-300$), but it's really fast and efficient to track color objects or movement and doesn't need to do the processing on a ground station.


    Otherwise, if you need long range video and you can carry a good payload, I'd use an IP camera combined with a Ubiquity wifi antenna.

  • u can use http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki/Welcome greaT open source Computer Vision
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