One Drone Flyaway during RTL and 2nd drone Fly away during Takeoff

I have never experienced any flyaway before but suddenly I have experience 2 flyaway which leads to the loss of my 2 drones. I am not able to understand what happened? 

In 1st drone (FLYAWAlog.zipY DURING RTL)it was showing compass variance and in 2nd (FLYAWAY DURING TAKEOFF) it shows GPS Glitch.
Please guide me to solve this as I am not able to detect the exact reason of flyaway. I have attached logs. I am in no conditioned to fly my last drone Financially as well as technically.

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Can anybody help me with this?

I am no expert and certainly can't interpret logs, but a GPS glitch means nothing. It is quite common occurrence. My Ground Station often registers them particularly if I am mucking about with the quad. 

I ask. Did you have a safety Fence set up?  That is important and you may not have lost your quads.

If you lose a quad with a safety fence then it is because you have not programmed it correctly. 

If you are using a transmitter you can set a safety fence on a switch Also RTH. A Rx failsafe can also help prevent a flyaway.

If you are using a ground Station, then the quad was obviously not programmed/set up correctly or it just wouldn't happen. IF it flew away it would hit the fence and RTH. It is a good idea to set altitude limit as well. 

in the rtl one, what are your flyght controller board?

i see that wen you changue de mode to rtl the copter do not respond the pitch, rolle and yaw values,

dis you use guided mode in a special way?

in some moment on the flight it seems that you turn off some chanels of the radio?

on the takeof one, did you use guided mode?

? it this normal, (i know even thois id not the real reason to your accident but im curious)

Did you try the ardupilot discourse forum? This is the most appropriate place for such a query.

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