Only 1m range with 433Mhz telemetry set

Hi all, I've been here for a while learning from the posts of the community and since January I'm making my first steps in the APM world.

I've a quite simple setup composed of APM 2.5 + Mediatek GPS + 3DR 433Mhz telemetry(both antennas have a red dot sticker).

APM is doing great and I'm learning quickly but I've got stucked with the telemetry kit.

Just trying on my bench I have lots of problems to get both radios binded (have to cycle power my remote side several times).

When I get a connection the signal is lost if I put one radio more than 1m appart from the other.

On the figure below you can see a test where I was moving one radio within 1m range to the other. Link was lost several times. For that test I've disconnected the GPS module and the motor from the ESC, also TX was OFF.


Attached you can find the telemetry log for that capture.2013-04-04%2023-36-42.tlog

Here is my radios configuration when accessed in MP:


Does anybody know what may be going on?

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    The red stickers are for 915MHz radio and not 433Mhz (blue sticker). email and they'll get you sent the right antennas. Also don't use with the wrong antennas as that can also be detrimental if used for long periods to the power output stage of the radio.

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