only getting half power

hi, i have just finished building my quadcopter, all went well but i have found one big problem, it only gets half power and wont even lift of the floor even know the stick is full up.

i have a specktrum dx8, naza m v2 , i am using tiger 650kv motors with 13inch props, blue series 40amp ESC and a 5 cell lipo battery

please could someone tell me what i have done wrong

thanks daveo

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  • Anybody know why the Naza causes the quad to drop like a rock, in manual mode....I had to catch it with gps mode to stop that crap.........

  • Do your props spin up to full speed?  If so, they could be upside down.

    Go through the first-flight setup again and follow each step again.  Pay particular attention to the radio calibration.

  • Does Naza have a log file? I don't think so but they should. ;)  I have found logging to be THE most useful feature but I may just be a data geek.  I think Yaw overrides all others so check motor direction and numbering.  A 650kv with 13" on 5c should have plenty of power.

  • Did your flight go something like this?

    I haven't figured it out yet either.

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    What is the weight?
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    Attach a log file and folks might be able to see more easily. 

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