hi, i have just finished building my quadcopter, all went well but i have found one big problem, it only gets half power and wont even lift of the floor even know the stick is full up.

i have a specktrum dx8, naza m v2 , i am using tiger 650kv motors with 13inch props, blue series 40amp ESC and a 5 cell lipo battery

please could someone tell me what i have done wrong

thanks daveo

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Attach a log file and folks might be able to see more easily. 

What is the weight?

hi it weigh 1.9kg with 5 cell battery.

sorry gary i dont have any idea how to do a log file

ok i am starting again, going to set the ESC  and then run through the naza setup 

Go to rcgroups forum. There is a big naza group there.

Did your flight go something like this?


I haven't figured it out yet either.


From the video, best guess (and it's hard to see) is that two of the props might be swapped, or upside down. First thing I would check is that the props are all "right side up" (usually you can see the prop spec raised on the "top" so it will say something like APC10x45 or 10x45R)  Second thing, check that the correct prop is in each place. It looks as though #1 and perhaps #4 are correct, sa they both provide thrust when you throttle up. What is also apparent is that for some reason #3 and #2 (right side arms) are not providing thrust. Another reason this can happen, if the props are on correctly, one or more of the motors might be spinning "backwards" for what it needs to be doing... this can happen if any of the three cables going to/from the motors are swapped. But unless you messed with those, I expect they are fine. There are other reasons you can experience this, but start with those issues.

Have a look at http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/motor-setup/ and feel free to open a support request in the official IRIS (assuming dev release) forums at http://ardupilot.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=86

You will want to include high resolution photos of the craft, from above, so the volunteers and staff there can clearly see the props, orientation, etc. and you should probably provide the link to that video. 

Does Naza have a log file? I don't think so but they should. ;)  I have found logging to be THE most useful feature but I may just be a data geek.  I think Yaw overrides all others so check motor direction and numbering.  A 650kv with 13" on 5c should have plenty of power.

hi, thanks for all your reply's, i went through the setup again and reset all the parts...now its great,i think it was  down to the ESC but as i said it now has plenty of power, hovers at half stick and just sits there.i have 13x4.5 props,if i went to 14x5.5 would that give me more lift..

thanks dave

Avoid upper throttle range, you'll draw more current than the motors can handle, and overheat or worse. 

At 14", your hover flight time will go down very marginally, it's slightly less efficient for that motor/prop combo, at that weight. Still on the rising curve, so the 14x45 are good for a slightly heavier craft. 

The ESCs may be overkill, I think the motors max out around 15A@5S, if I have the right specs here.

I should say, *in theory*, based on the maths

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