I've recently installed a MinimOSD which I've set up and flashed twice, it detects the heartbeats and looks ok for a few seconds then just puts up and overspeed warning.

I seem to be able to cycle through three warnings including overspeed and battery by using left and right aileron, am I doing something wrong.. Why does the main screen dissapear?


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Something else that I have noticed, at the same point this happens the voltage reading goes to 8.14v (it's a 3s) and current 14A ???

I have this exact same issue. I had it working but then i changed some stuff around and now its broken.

For me, its works fine until i turn on my transmitter.
Its hard to fly without a transmitter.

Did you every find a resolution?

OK I figured it out really quickly. Its to do with mode switching. not sure why but for me i had something set to CH8 and i must have Ch8 set to mode switch in minim. So change that or your transmitter and you should be set.

hope this helps.

I've got the same issue with upgrade to version 2.0.

I fixed it when downgraded firmware to v.1.9

I fixed mine by throwing it in a box and buying an RVOSD5 :)

But... you can't get any of the APM data to the RVOSD, right? Are you running an additional set of sensors to feed into it?

It has all the sensors already on the board, I'm using an RVGS for tracking and telemetry... It just works and really well at that, it also has a really awsome OSD (F16 Hud) with a proper artificial horizon and not using characters.. They've just really nailed it.. I keep the Arduboard in my first hexcopter for messing about, the serious long range stuff where I need reliability is where I use the RVOSD.

Hi Ashley,

Iam having the same problem.

The OSD works fine when the transmitter is switched off, but as soon as i switch it on

I just get the warning messages.

Iam using a Futaba 2.4 FF7 - so no channel 8.

Have you any suggestions?



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