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I have completed my first DIY drone! Perhaps too large a machine as a first build but hey... it flies well!

Flight controller is an APM 2.6 and I have an OrangeRx OpenLRS Tx (1 watt) and Rx pair. OpenLRSng firmware flashed onto both.

I have configured the Rx to output PPM on Channel 5 and the machine works perectly like this.

Now seeing as PPM output is being used I have a number of channels on the Rx free. I would like to have some other devices attached to these channels (not running via the APM) - A servo or two, a camera trigger, camera swithc, a loud beeper for downed vehicle tracking etc...

I find however that with PPM output selected I get no response from a servo plugged into any of the other pins despite assigning channels to these pins.

I have chosen the setting which limits PPM output to 8 channels - otherwise the APM does not listen to the Rx.

Essentially I would like to know how to map my channels 9, 10, 11, 12 to the open pins on the Rx...

On the Tx side I have the module in a Turnigy 9XR with stock firmware. Same problem with the ER9X firmware.

Please advise - Is there a problem with my (9XR not sending anything on these channels or is it my OpenLRSng config?

A screenshot of the correct OpenLRSng config in Chrome Configurator whould be most appreciated (assuming you have both PPM and PCM running simultaneously)

Thanks in advance.

Dylan Eave

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  • Hi Dylan,

    I am just looking for this too. Have you find a solution in other place since you posted this?


    • Community has not been too helpful hey.... :(

      Short answer --- I ran out tinkering time and work has called me away into the middle of nowhere since shortly after that post! Home soon to find a difinitive solution...

      Having ploughed some forums I as almost certain that the capability is there....

      Using Chrome configurator we should be able to simple map channels to ports... PPM being a special case which must be mapped to a specific port.

      But I believe it should be possible to map any of the channels received to any of the free ports for use with digital servos, video-switches, relays etc.

      Any more confident advice out there?

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