I've been having pretty good success with mapping using the pixhawk and mission planner.  After figuring out how to get the shutter cycle time under a second (thanks mono), I'm now pursuing how to speed the entire process up.  I've noticed that the copter slows down considerably to make the corners at the ends of the pattern.  I'm using the parameters in the survey tool to set the speed to 12m/s, but the copter slows significantly to around 1-2m/s during the turns.  What controls the speed around the waypoints?  Is there any way to speed this cornering process up?  Have it fly more like a plane and pull some G's to keep the speed up?


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Hi Doug,

Can you tell me how to set the fly speed when I use the Mission Planer to autonomous mapping?

    Thank You very much!

It is in the autowaypoint > survey (grid)  dialog box.  "Flying Speed"  You can set it for what ever speed you like.  

Thank you!

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