This was the first fly of my baby, it was my first build, I like it because it's very strong and allows me to learn without crash damages, and a great code that support all design errors, but now I'm on a second stage, I learn somethings and now I want a more efficient cuad.

a) 20 min flying time at least (today 14 min)

b) More stability in windy days.

c) reach 1km min with r modem.

d) Resolve mag field limit.

e) Mantain the portability (no much bigger)

f) Beauty is important for me too ;)

I started this work last year (2014),

First I ligthweight as much as possible, only cup -90 grs, take away an extra floor, etc, total -200grs and reduce vibrations but I have many work to do yet and I think that a post it's the best place to share with you and recive your help, any idea is welcome.

First thing that I'm going to do to continue is to change motors, it has Turnigy 2836 950kv they are old cheap plane motors with bearings near limit with 10.47 CF props and 30A esc, I test them with my ligthest batteries two Multistar 5200 and gives 26 A consumption 

Ship weights now 1.47kgs without batteries, with FPV and Dragon receiver and this is the photo



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Some test, some dampening changes motor vibration test, and, for the moment, item F) is the better resolved yet

I did autotune and flies little agressive but better; but with some wind still don't flies well, vibrations goes higher than in hover, It can fly but unstable and lost altitude very quickly if like vibs affect it, I controled motor balance, props many times, calibrate esc, re-do acc calibration; I think that if I have to dampening a lot the APM is because something is still bad on my cuad but I'm lost now, only two ideas, try with a Mini APM (that is waiting to go to the Bixler) if the problem is in the board or return to the wood under the APM as I resolved on the old frame but more weight ; the only things that I still didn't change from the old one are the Esc and the APM; another thing that I can modificate is the Gps and compass position, the tall mast looks little unstable.

Any other suggestions to try are welcome.

Mi first intend to optimize this cuad was another hole new cuad that flies nicely; now I near to have another new cuad again and not solve the problem yet Glup!!

here the autotune log and two test with no wind and wind.

Another thing that I did was to try 3.15 as some people reports that solve their problems but it was the same for me so I returned to 3.2.1; perhaps it's only a silly param that I'm not looking for?


I modified the gps mast, tomorrow I'm going to do compas cal again and wait stop raining to test

you can notice the compass under forward the GPS

New test moving gps, same results, next step: change the board

The battle isn't lost yet ;) 

The new board have just arrived :D ; (a cheap chinesse Pix, I don't like connectors but the only that I can buy for our customer restrictions for the moment)

I ask for this dampening system too

Now I'm studying Pix instructions, I'm nor shure how to connect the common esc to the pix, if it's better to remove 5v wire from 3 esc and connect  only one? the zenner resistor is important in my case?.

I saw an helicopter pilot flyer that use silicone glue to fix his Rx connectors, It's possible to use on pix little ones ?

Next result: another hole new cuad LOL, only Esc are original, the Pixhawk (chinesse) is installed, the gps is the original too but waiting a N8M with ext compass to arrive soon; but this time I dissasemble the old one ;)

I change dampening system again for this ridiculous system but works much better (If you can't fight against enemy (resolve vibs)  go with them ;) (put an exagerate dampening system))

Obious I change to 3.3 rc12 release (much better) and copter becomes to fly well but still loose altitude so I put this light salad boul covering and solve that problem

Now I have to solve little details yet but I'm very happy how this guy is flying with wind too, It's give me a lot of work but a lot of learning too and two nice copters :D.

Next to solve:

Install n8m with ext compass to solve mag interferences.

Better dampening FPV camera (I confused and bougth a cmos one glup!! )

I recived the M8N gps with compass and solve compass interferences, I disabled the int one and no more problems, the gps is impressive, 18 up to 20 sats on the end of the world :O

I resolved telemetry and I have a perfectible tunning but it's flying well including strong winds

I reach a)  b)  d)  e)

c) still working

f) working (near complete)

Glad your making progress Cala :] 

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