OrangeRX T-Six Flight Mode Switching

Quick question.  Tried searching for the info everywhere and still can't find anything. 

With the T-Six Tx, is it possible to flip between flight modes on an APM 2.6 setup?  Has this been done?  If so, is there anything fancy that needs to be done to get it working.  I saw somewhere that PWM needs to reach a certain level for flight mode switching to function.

I do not currently have the APM.  Would just like to know if I need to get another Tx before I do.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Hello Maltose

    Yes, This transmitter is the newer version with the 3 position switch. I am able to switch flight mode function with the switch. On my F.mode gear switch I am able to control my camera Gimbal pitch and roll works great. I didn't have to do anything special to make the function switch work to control flight modes. Do you have the T-Six with the 3 position switch? take a look at these settings


    • Yep, I've got the newer one.  That's good to know, thanks!  I saw everyone running with 9x's and everything else for Tx's with the APM setups and I really didn't want another Tx.  I move between countries from time to time and carrying just 1 Tx takes up enough space on it's own.

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