Osd Remzibi + APM problem with Glitches

Hi, I have managed to connect this 2 devices togather. Artificial horrizon works, I have blue led on gps (lock) but i have some problems with glitches that are displayed on OSD. After about minute weird letters starts to appear, km/h icon sometimes duplicates, something is blinking and somemtimes even whole OSD disappears. I tried almost every firmware version of Remzibi's Osd but it doesn't solve the problem. My friend told me that it's common problem and you can solve it by increasing refresh rate (in code, somewhere in Remzibi tab), and decrease rate of data sent to OSD. I can't find lines which could be responsible for that.

I would be very greatfull for any help.


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  • Can you try to post a picture how did you connect Remzibi with APM? I have Remzibi 3DR OSD and works fine independently. Did you try your Remzibi alone (without APM)? What other information are displayed on Remzibi OSD coming from APM, comparing to Remzibi+GSP alone? I believe one is artificial horizon. But which others?

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