I am having issues with my osd that is connected to my pixhawk. I can't get it to work where I can flip a switch and turn the osd off. I have the channel setup on the gui and on my radio. I am unsure what to set mission planner to. Osd works but no switching works. Any ideas

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Switching is setup on the first screen of the Config Tools GUI for the MinimOSD, not Mission Planner. You have a choice of two panels. The first one you populate as you like, and leave the other blank. Then use the switch setup in Config Tools to toggle between the two.

Everything is setup in the gui for osd and it does not work.

Nvm finally got it to work. Thanks for your help. I believe my mistake was I thought there were three panels. On Off and a On second panel. Both Panel one and two were nearly the same and when I flipped the switch it was switching but I didnt see anything change. 

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