Over powered Easystar with Easyglider wing?

After many hours of research and invaluable input from people on DIY Drones, we settled on the Easystar with the Easyglider wing for our AP platform. We plan on modifying it to look something like the modification discussed here,http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=822678&highlight=Easystar+Long+Endurance%2FLong+Range+Upgrade.For our motor we went with a hacker A30-12l brushless outrunner and a Hacker A30 pro ESC. For batteries we plan on running two or three thunderpower pro 2250 11.1v lipos in parallel. What do you guys think of this platform? is it too powerful?

Big Wing Easy Star.jpg

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  • Just got my easy glider wing set a few days ago. I found they are a little bigger than EZ star wings at the joint part. How did you guys fit them into the ez star fuselage? Did you cut the wings or cut the fuselage wing holder?
  • It looks really good. I cant wait to see how it flies.
  • I fly an EZ Star with EZ Glider wings. I use a BP Hobbies BL 2217/6 with a 7x6 or 7x5 prop. It does well, but mounting this motor puts further aft of CG than stock. The EZ Star in stock condition tends to have an aft CG, but lots of batteries/electronics up front my counter this.
    I currently have to add 20g of nose weight even with a digital camera, 2 small batteries, multiple switches, video TX, 2 receivers, FMA Co-pilot, BEC and a battery alarm in the nose. Main battery is right at CG.

    See images. Note that I like my aircraft to be free of objects sticking out in the airstream inducing drag.

  • is the hacker a30 going to be too powerful?
  • T3
    Might be heavy.
    EasyUAV has 450g lift which you share between camera and the batteries.
    you can go 370g double lipo 3s 4400mAh total and still have small camera plus incredible 1h+ endurance,
    but I wouldn't use it that way, as the flight range would be insane. The limiting factor is safe takeoff with limited propeller diameter.
    Basically you can have one 250g camera and one lipo 2200 in standard EasyStar.
    Going pro camera is impossible also because of added drag plus 500g weight range,
    Therefore no real point to add too much wings if you stay confined to portable cameras anyway.
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