Paparazzi on Pixhawk ??


I would like to apologize if this question has been answered already. 

is it possible to run the Paparazzi software on the Pixhawk board?

My thought process is that pixhawk is a board with a bunch of sensors, I can technically use any software i like on it. I could be wrong. 

Some help would be much appreciated

Rai Gohalwar  

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  • Hi Rai,

    As Piotr already said there is currently no complete or official support for the Pixhawk in Paparazzi.

    There is basic support for the px4fmu v2.4 (see, but e.g. the SPI driver for the lsm303d is missing, MPU works fine though.

    See for a test airframe file.

    Although it isn't complete (and a board file for the IO processor is also missing), it shouldn't be hard to finish this.

    Just needs someone who actually has the hardware and some time to do it ;-)

    Cheers, Felix

    PX4FMU v2.4 by flixr · Pull Request #1384 · paparazzi/paparazzi
    Start adding support for the PX4FMU v2.4x (aka Pixhawk) Basic things were working, including reading the MPU... No SPI driver for the lsm303d yet...
  • You are correct, nothing is really preventing any software to run on the Pixhawk board. Here is the list of all the currently supported boards in Paparazzi UAV:

    There is some basic support for the px4fmu but no one has added support for Pixhawk yet. Pixhawk has a split architecture with two processors, as it evolved from the px4fmu + px4io. There are some drivers still missing to support the px4io in Paparazzi as far as I know. But if you know how to program it should not be a large hurdle.

    I think no one has done that yet because it is just much easier to use one of the well tested Paparazzi UAV boards like the Lisa/MX, Elle0 or Apogee.

    I hope this helps.



    Paparazzi is a free and open-source hardware and software project for unmanned (air) vehicles. This is the main software repository. - paparazzi/papa…
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