Ok I have been working on a design for an airframe for my UAV. But, I have an opprtunity to purchase a Parkzone Radian RTF.

Any opinions on if that would be suitable for a UAV? I know the prop is up front, but I think for my use, I can work around that.

Also have an opportunity to buy an Exceed 2000 RTF. I know that would be a good airframe, but it is currently a Nitro plane.



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Ron, the Radian does not have much space in the front, if you put a larger battery pack in there is just about none after the ESC etc. Also, the Radian is not meant for powered flight, more a glider with a motor to get to altitude. I have one of these and can measure the compartment if you need.

@Hein, thanks, if you wouldn't mind. That was certainly one of my concerns

Will do and post tomorrow. Will take some photos as well of a brand new fuselage. Do not ask, you really do not want to see any photos of the current one. Nose diving it straight into the ground a few times has taken its toll :(

Thank you for the help. Yes, ouch nose landings are not best especially for up front motor mounts. :[

Some photos first :

@Ron the rough measurements are as follows :

Length of main compartment : 13cm (back of motor to back of compartment)
Width of main compartment : 4.5cm - 5cm (narrower towards back and front)
Depth of main compartment : 2.5cm ( with indentations up to 4.5cm) - this is to the rim, not top of canopy
Depth of main compartment : 5.5 - this is to top of canopy

In the photos you will notice there is a channel that runs into the fuse, this is the width and height to fit a 3s lipo pack and is about 6cm deep, it also connects to the servo area which is under the fuse with the trap door you can see on some of the photos.

The servo area is 12.5cm long 3.5cm wide and varies around 2cm deep.

There is also a photo of my current fuse to give you an idea, actually not too full.

Having had a look at it again, with some work you could squeeze a ArduPilot+IMU in there if you move the ESC and remove some of the side and bottom area of the compartment. You would probably have to strengthen the sides of the fuse though as the sides are +1cm thick on the sides.

Hope this helps a bit, if you need more info just ask....

The one I currently use, as you can see slightly skew. Strange thing is the more glue on the front the better it flies, main reason I have not shifted to the new spare one. Now you have me thinking I might put an autopilot in this one mmmmmm...


Thanks a bunch.

Nice to see it with electronics installed, certainly a snug fit. I wonder if it might be possible to move the servos to the wings and rear fuse/tail structure to create more room up front for an APMega and IMU? Might be an interesting project.
Guess I forgot, as is there are only two servos, right? One for Elevator one for Rudder. I was thinking I would want to add ailerons as well. I've seen that done to the Radian somewhere, also seen it with spoilers added and a nifty looking lighting system.


check this out...

Some more photos of the standard servo and receiver location below. The sides of the fuselage is quite thick behind the wings and then tapers towards the tail. Towards the tail it gets quite flimsy. Behind the wings you might be able to create compartments for the two servos with a little added reinforcement, one on each side. For the ailerons you might be able to put them on the wing, they will stick out though as the wings are thin, there is no place to hide them. This will leave the belly compartment mostly empty for other goodies. This would be a good place to put weight as it is directly under the wings.

You will not be able to put a servo on the tail, it is way too thin and flimsy.

Thanks for the additional pics.

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