Hello everyone!

First of all, sorry for posting the following question which I've already added in GITHUB ARDUPILOT issues sections earlier. But, I received no reply so far. Therefore, I had to post this here.

I've been working on some modifications on Mission Planner to support Guided Mode by having a text area for entering GPS coordinate of targets and hitting a button to activate it....without having to click on the "Fly to Here" option on the map. I'm using Arducopter 3.1.2. APM 2.6.

So far, I've managed to make it work. But, I need to use it during an Autonomous Mission. I have to intercept the mission > Go to the target > then resume the autonomous mission from where it left off. But, when I switch back to auto, it is restarting from first waypoint. Is there any specific button on Mission Planner which I can use to resume the mission? Because it has been mentioned in the following link (last line) that,

http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common ... l-station/

"If you change to Auto your mission will resume where it left off."

How to achieve this? Please do guide me. Thank you.

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I just use the Actions tab, and activate the waypoint I choose. Then when I switch to auto it goes there.

Thanks for the reply. I've managed to automate process of choosing waypoints and then resuming the auto mode by doing some additional scripting to the mission planner. With your help, we've managed to complete our mission during the competition. Big Thanks to you!

Hello, can you share me the scripts or the way to resume the mission after change battery in auto mode?

Thank you!


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