Hi all, 

I'm currently working on my first drone build. I am direct soldering most things to my PDB, a Strix Fortem 6 and FC.

I completed all the soldering, and want to make sure there are no shorts before I plug my LiPo in and cook something. I got a multimeter off of Amazon, but that was giving a pretty inconsistent continuity check on the ESC connections.

I then borrowed a friends' Fluke. It said I have some shorts somewhere. I cleaned up the entire PDB, desoldered and resoldered all wire connections to the ESCs and the XT60. However, even after this, and with no obvious solder bridges, the Fluke is beeping when I touch + terminals to - terminals on my ESC pads. I'm pretty sure only + to + and - to - should beep, and the + to - solder joints shouldn't beep unless there is a short...

My question/concern then is whether a continuity test ever does yield a "false positive" and why? What would be the best way to go forward, since I've already tried desoldering, cleaning up all pads with desoldering braid and flux with some isopropyl alcohol, and reattached the wires after the cleanup. I'm confused because I'm pretty sure there are no shorts, especially after cleaning up my work. I just don't want to cook anything when I plug my LiPo in. 

Thank you.

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