Had a Perfect flight today with very repeatable results. Very happy.


I have attached a a kml of the programed flight plan, the actualy flight in kml and the log downloaded from the APM.


Im running fairly high navigation gains and lower roll gains, as i have far to much throw.


An Altitude plot of the flight

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Very nice! What's the OSD that you're using?

And what airframe?

The plane is a .40 size high wing trainer, running a 6s battery pack. Weight is about 3kg (6.6lbs).

The OSD is written by me using the log file (processed afterwards). Green is the actual attitude value, Yellow is commanded attitude. I think next time i might need to clean the lens of the camera, as it is a little cloudy.

very nice video.
I am total newbie, just about got set for my first test flight, so still no experience with the ardupilot.
What you can clearly see is that your APM is overcompensating the pitch.
When you start banking pitch is too high, when you reduce the bank it is pitching down too much.
What parameter(s) do you have to adjust to get this right ?

I guess this effect will be a lot less pronounced if the change in bank angle occurs at a slower pace :)

Hi Wolfgang,

Yes i have noticed that but i was favoring going up in a bank than down, as i had a problem on the last flight. The value i need to change is the pitch compensation. ie how much pitch in bank to maintain altitude. As for the bank angle change, i did have it alot faster than that, i was favouring high navigation gains to lower roll gains.
My plane has far to much aileron throw, so i lowered the roll gains alot, to slow the max aileron deflection.

I have attached my APM_config.h file with all the settings im running.


Hi Micheal,


question about your post-flight osd. I was working on something similar; but had no cue as to how to sync the log file and the video, as I could not find any time indication in the log...

How do you do it? =]

Manualy. all my videos are matched by me, ie they are probly out a tiny bit.

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