Perfect Filters For Your GoPro, Dji, And Others

There have been so many discussions on using filters while filming from your Multi-rotors.   I too have had issues with my videos turning out bad from the bright sun or the suns reflection when flying over water.  The colors and detail get washed away.   So I started to search out a good filter for my GoPro cameras.   I wanted high quality and light weight.    I found that SRP Snake River Protyping   had the perfect match.   


I took my Iris+  Solo  and  Phantom 2 out for some tests.   You will see one of the tests in my review.  It was mid afternoon, very bright sun and no clouds.  I used the ND8 filter and did an autonomous flight with and without the filter.  Amazing difference to say the least.  So if you are looking for a single filter or a package they have all that.    For me I am very happy and will continue to experiment with the different ones I have.   One thing to always remember if installing on a GoPro,  that is Never Twist them on or off.  Gently press on, and gently pry off.  They also give you, should it feel lose, which neither of mine did a small o-ring that fits inside the filter to hold it tighter. 


They have many types of filters  that ranged from ND4 – ND16  They also have Circular Polarized and Circular Polarized with the ND.   These filters are very light 7.6g  0.27oz   I did not need any counter balance on the two gimbals I used.  Steadygo3 and on my Phantom 2 the Zenmuse H3-3D 


SRP was kind enough to offer a discount of 10% which you can find on my Review   They offer many more types of filters for other Multi-rotors such as the Phantom 2,   3, and  Inspire 1  And of course the GoPro with and without the protective shell.   You can order single lenses or multipacks. 


I am very excited about this company and the quality of their filters.  I would love to hear back from anyone that orders them, and let me know your thoughts on how you are using them,  your best camera settings,  and what you think. 


Take care,   Grandpa Jake

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