Can someone point a formula or tell me how to calculate an area in km2 or ha that a UAV can cover? Lets suppose I'm using a 24mpixel camera with 6000 x 4000 resolution. Mission planner is telling me that with this camera + 18mm focal lengh and 200 meters altitude I get a FOV of 261 x 173 and 4,33 cm/pixel resolution. Is this right? 60% overlap x 30% sidelap 

And if I flight at 60km/h and for 1 hour, how can I calculate the total expected area it can cover (a standard retangle) not considering wind.


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ok, thats an easy one!

1. For photogrammetry i would suggest 60% x 60% overlap

2. You cant realy calc the distance, because its depended from the side lap (more legs) so..

   2.1 Measure first the Amps to maintain 60km/h ground speed(0 air)  (lets say 5A)

3. Go to mission planner/flight planning.  Right click/map/Grid.  Select your desired area, insert the height and the sidelap. MP planner will create the pattern. Its very easy so you can make 5-6 fake missions to take an idea of area vs mission length

4. On the upper left corner you will see the total lenght of the mission in km (lets say 12000m). Devide the km with Km/h and you will have the Hours of your mission.

5. Now take into consideration  the Battery you have, the Amps that you A/C draws.  If you have 5000mah battery and your system draws 5amp, then you have 1 hour flight time with a complete destroyed batt. 

To the example: 12km mission distance and 60km/h speed = 0,1h = 12mins (again its theory because we dont calc the turns).   Vise versa.

Yoy have 5000mah bat = 1 hour flight time= 60km/h speed = 60km mission distance.. multiply that with 70% to give you a safety margin for the battery = 42km!      So when you are design the mission, keep in mind that it must not exceed 42km.

happy planning


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