Photogrammetry with X8 and Nex-7


I have a 3DR X8 with APM 2.6 and I want to try using it for photogrammetry. My plan was to attach my NEX-7 underneath without my gimbal and operate the camera with my stratosnapper 2.

I am totaly fresh in this and wonder, I APM any good att photogrammetry? How do I get the coordinates synced to my pictures. Basically, does anyone have a step by step guide (preferably with pretty pictures) on how to connect and operate it?



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  • Have you considered using the cam_trigg_dist function to trigger based on GPS distance rather than waypoints? It is very easy this way, but not suited for all purposes.
  • Never mind, got all my answers on another multirotor forum. This one doesn't seem to be so active.
    • You know many people don't have an answer but we are watching to learn. If you found an answer, then please post here for others. This is a two way community.
      • Sorry, I thought that this was the place where the creators and programmers of arducopter and APM hung out and therefore where better at answering than me but here it is.
        The stratosnapper 2 is connected to a free servoport. In mission planner press ctrl-F and choose georef images.
        Run a mission where each waypoint triggers the strattosnapper and then in the logfiles, extract the geotags and match them to the pics taken.
        This is how APM does it but it is a heck of a lot more work than wookong so I will skipp using the X8 and use my octo for photogrametry since it is built in to the system and automatically geotags every pic taken with the stratto.

        • Hi Mikael

          How do you trigger the camera for photogrametry on a octo with wookong ??

          F1 and F2 is taken for the engine no 7 and 8, so please tell.



          • I haven't tested yet but I guessed I could use F1 and F2 since my gimbal stabilization and controll are on a different TX and therefore not used. Only thing I need to watch out for is to lock 3'rd axis on gimbal so I dont sever the cable.
            If I'm wrong about that setup I will wait untill I recieve my V-map system, then I dont need the wookong gps either.

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        Most of your answers will be in this thread

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