Who does photography in addition to flying and what camera's do you use?

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Hi my names Bob and I do aerial photography.

I use a Nikon D5100 and a custom octocopter.

I also like long walks on the beach and enjoy candlelit dinners...

Hi Bob. My boyfriend has also bought the Nikon D5100. It takes awesome photos. My boyfriend hates the flash though. I like it!! :)

*no comment*

Thought Not :)

Hi karla please visit my website: flickr.com/photos/haidarcam and see what i can do. I usually shoot with a Nikon D90.

Hi Haidar

Your pics are really good. I don't think it's right to photoshop or tweak a pic. I know it makes them look better. But to me the art is taking a picture and it being great the way you took it without making it "better".

You aren't a good photographer is you know how to use a tweaking program well.

There are so many settings on the Nikons that you can set it and take a great picture without having to fix it or make it better afterwards.

Then again if you think it's art to tweak the picture then by all means. Sometimes they do look really great but these days you don't really know if what you are seeing is the original picture.I love this pic of one of my dogs, Olive. I didn't touch it.

Hi Karla,

I think you misunderstand what i am. I am a qualified commercial photographer. I am an instructor at Nikonian Academy and you are trying to teach me how to take photos? I dont take photos for fun. Photography is not a hobby  but a carreer for me. When i hold a camera, someone is paying for it. My client expects me to deliver the best that i can under all conditions. Sometimes the weather or condition is less than ideal, so it is a norm to retouch photographs to 'correct' certain short coming. And they accept that retouching. Personally i am not impressed with your dog pic. It doesnt even follow the basic rule of photo composition.

I agree the above photo is kak. Not one of her best. But in her defense, she's only been taking photos for a about a month...

Hi Haidar.

I didn't mean to insult you if I did, I apologise :)

To be honest I agree about my photo. The flowers are out of focus and the 3 rule hasn't been applied. I thought it was another pic I had taken.

I have uploaded some more pics to my flickr page for you to criticize.

Please bear in mind I have only been taking pictures for a few months, so they probably aren't that good but you have to start somewhere.

I am not critising but merely giving my opinion on photography.

There is most definately hobby pics and commercial pics. It is understandable that you might need to tweak a picture if it is for a client. I was meaning that photographers who take pictures of landscapes or nature and then change them drastically with the computer.

I am probably over my head as I don't know much :)

What settings do you suggest when taking aerial pictures?

My page on Flickr is Karla Fripp2012.

Thank you for your reply Karla.  I honestly think this is not the proper forum to discuss basic photography in general. Others here at DIY Drones are professionals in various engineering fields looking for serious answers. I love to entertain your photography questions, you are welcome to private msg me. Best regards.

I agree. I will send you a message.


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