PID & Nav troubles

I have now had more than 50 flights with my ArduPilot equipped plane but I am still dissatisfied with the navigation performance despite trying almost every PID configuration that I can think of. I'm using APv2.7.1, Mediatek GPS, FMA thermopiles, a 150cm (60") twinboom plane with 2200mAh LiPo.

Perhaps I'm being too critical but I cannot seem get this system to navigate accurately enough, waypoints are missed (10m radius, not that hard), noticeable overshooting on turns and wide/narrow s-turns are some of my main problems.

I have tried the following "NAV_ROLL" PID parameters:

P = 0.6, I = 0.0, D = 0.0
P = 0.6, I = 0.1, D = 0.1
P = 0.7, I = 0.1, D = 0.0
P = 0.8, I = 0.0, D = 0.1
P = 0.6, I = 0.5, D = 0.0
P = 0.6, I = 0.0, D = 0.5
P = 0.5, I = 0.3, D = 0.2
P = 0.6, I = 0.05, D = 0.05
P = 0.9, I = 0.5, D = 0.5 
and multiple other variations, etc, etc, etc!

and whilst I can usually see the effect of the different parameters but I can't seem to get rid of my problems.

Am I missing something, XTRACK_ENTRY_ANGLE or something else that would cause this? BTW, the plane flies 100% fine in STABILIZE & FBW

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    Ahhh, that's better, success, much tighter navigation now, north is up, slight breeze from the west. Jason, I have raised the sensor by about 2cm (3/4") and later switched it round so that the cable faces rearwards. The turns are still tighter to the right but not quite as tight, so after changing the above it must be something with the plane. Anyway things look much better with only the slightest overshoot:




    My settings are:

    HEAD_MAX 4500




    NAV_ROLL_P 1.1

    NAV_ROLL_D 0.6


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    Things are much better, with less zigzagging.

    My main change (besides lowering my expectations) is no Xtrack - gain is 0, also P is
    now 1.0 and D is 0.4, HEAD_MAX = 4900 (BUT I still only get a left bank
    angle of about 25 deg during navigation! Right bank angle is
    steeper, closer to 45 deg). XY Sensor is mounted diagonally and has a
    clear view, with perhaps a little less clear for the two rear sensors
    looking over the wing.


    Most of the turns in the plot below were left for some reason (and usually are...)

    (Plot starts at Red, up is north, slight breeze from NNW).

    Turns green, orange, light blue and dark blue are left turns and are very wide.

     2 right hand turns occur at yellow, much tighter, but that's after lots of overshoot between orange and yellow and then two perfect (wide) turns after that with NO overshoot at all, it's this inconsistency that flummoxes me at times.


    Anyway it's navigating more to my (lowered :)) expectations, looking forward to developments with this code!




  • Hi Guys,


    Just to let you know, reducing the rudder throw has worked a charm for me.


    Thanks for all your support,



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    Still having problems despite an additional 30 test flights! (Where I get the patience from I have no idea, but may lose it soon...)

    This is about the best I can get! See GPS path below.


    Changing 'I' and 'D' doesn't have the expected effect almost as if they aren't actually working (tried ranges: 0.01 to 1.2).

    Under manual control the plane turns equally both ways, under AUTO plane turns right 4x more aggressively than left.(compare orange turn to light green turn!)

    Cannot get rid of zigzags visible in the red-to-orange and green-to-blue track section in the image below.

    Light green through purple sections below show erratic course deviations despite higher 'P'



  • I did something like this:

    Is there a way of reducing the throw without affecting manual mode? Would modifying the low/high rudder timings (the 1000ms and 2000ms values) have that effect?
  • I have tried 30 and 20 meters. Unfotunately i have no xbees or groundstation at this point which is a pain.

    Im wondering if my enlarged rudder is actually to big! I saw a neat mod for this that makes the top of the fin the rudder. This really increases authority but maybe to much. Reducing the throws mechanically should fix that.
  • Hi Chris,

    Easystar, larger rudder, 2.7.1, imu and brushless. Like graham stabilse, fbw b work great.


  • Hi Graham,

    If you figure this out or make some progress, then please let me know as I have very similar issues on an Easystar.

    The plane flies in the direction of the waypoint, then as it aproaches goes all over the place hunting out the actual waypoint, then goes off to the next.

    Im going to try mechanically reduce the rudder throw on the control horn. This should let me keep the nav PID high enough to navigate but reduce tne throw.

    Keep in touch,


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    My first thought is that 10m is too tight a radius. Try 30m (it will still shoot for the center)
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