pid setting problem with different throttle


I have a question, I try tuning PID with motor throttle at 20% , the tuning is perfect and stable, but when increse the motor throttle at 50/60 % the quadcopter starts to oscillate and becomes abrupt movements and nervous.

Then do the inverse, with motor throttle at 60% start to tuning PID (is more difficult to calibrate with the motors at 60% o more) , when the calibration is sufficient decresing motor throttle at 20% and the result is quadcopter has less force to stabilize ,sometimes fails to stabilize well because it has little force because the setting pid has low values caused by tuning PID with engines at 60%.


You have had the same problems?

How you solved ?

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  • I have same problem,, if any body has solution then plz reply......

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