PID settings for begginer please.

Hello,I would like to ask you to share what would be the optmal procedure for setting up PIDs. Right now I am trying to make 'road tests' of ArduPiot with the latest software (dated 22.09 I believe).My setup is simplified a lil:1. ArduPilot2. ESC on OUT13. GPS(EM411 or MTK)4. Servo TowerPro SG90 on OUT2 for rudder visualisation.After I switch the battery the rudder servo travels clockwise till it cannot rotate anymore (I am working with 3rd servo now - two was eaten by Ardu ;)). While I drove the car sometimes there are small servo rotations but they are barely visible.I have changed servo max/min position as follows:#define max16_yaw 1800 //Servo max position#define min16_yaw 1200 //Servo min positionIt didnt give me any visible result.What should I change next? Please help

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  • Hi Michal, good luck and let us know about your first flights.
  • Finally I have the new ArduPilot! At the begginning the new board had the same issues as the previous one. Serious servo glitches (connected to ArduPilot) was so wild that it was obvious for me something is wrong with RF noise around. I have changed RC Rx to Corona RP8D1 and put all devices to a small FPV platform.

    Tonight I took a ride in my car with fuselage only. After setting up all equipment and turning it on I can say all glitches gone!. I set ArduPilot (ver1) to RTL mode and rudder movement proves that it will be flying well in autonomous mode. Next report should be from field testing (when weather permit).
    The conclusion is that ArduPilot could sometimes amplify RF noise when testing it indoor. This is not a big issue since it is not intended to fly it inside small rooms ;)
  • There is some problem when connecting to ATmea168 with AVRISP mkII in AVRStudio:"There seems to be a short circuit on the ISP connector. The SCK line(s) appear to be short-circuited. The peration will be aborted."
    I have checked, unsoldered ATmega128 pins and soldered again. The problem is still here. I will check it once more tomorrow.
  • Chris, yes I can confirm that all out-pins (vcc-ground and servo pins) have 5.09V. Maybe there shoud be some other points to measure? Forgive my ignorance...
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    Michal, I think you've got some problems you need to sort out before you turn to PID gains. Nobody else has reported that servo rotation issue, so if you're using the latest version of the code I think there's something wrong with your board. Can you check the voltage on the board and confirm that you're running ~5v?
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