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I try to set PID values on my Pixhawk based quadcopter, but it always suffer crash. The crash is happening almost always in following way:
-I fly in ALT HOLD mode, at about 10 meters
-I turn ROLL or PITCH knob on my transmitter to full
-The copter is going very well with some speed
-When I release the knob on my transmitter it often looses stability and then crash or rarely it succesfull recover.

I tried tuning Rate PID values but this behavior is always present. Iam using 10x3.3 T-Motor carbon props, the frame is X quad, motors are from IRIS.

My PID values are the following:
P 0.200
D 0.010
I 0.100

Iam including four log files when I crash with the copter. I have no idea why this crash always happening, I think the copter is flying stable except the described situation above. Is there any other parameter to tune what can help me? Thank You!

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