Piksi RTK for sale

Our Piksi RTK Kit includes everything you need to get a RTK configuration that works plug and play.

2x OEM Piksi Modules
2x 433MHz radio modem
2x 433MHz antennas
2x radio cables
2x Micro-USB cables
2x external GPS antennas Linx Technologies

2x ABS protective enclosures

Piksi is our flagship product - a GPS receiver low-cost and high-performance functionality real-time kinematic (RTK) for a relative positioning accuracy centimeter level.

RTK systems require two Piksi receivers to achieve centimeter-level positioning, a rover and one that acts as a reference station. The RTK Kihttps://youtu.be/H3gTjA8gWAot includes two of our Piksi OEM modules ready to be integrated into your system.

The equipment is used in functional condition 10/10 and aesthetics 9/10.

Includes advice on using the equipment and how to install it on a drone.

sale price: 390USD






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  • Estimado estoy interesado, podrias enviar la guia

    y una breve explicacion del funcionamiento?

    rey_arevalo said:

    Todavia tienes el gps ... Es poisble colocarlo en un Iris+ .... Slds

  • Yes only gps l1
  • Is this GPS L1 only?

  • Hola, si aun lo tengo. Si claro lo puedes colocar en un iris. yo te puedo dar una guia.
  • Todavia tienes el gps ... Es poisble colocarlo en un Iris+ .... Slds

This reply was deleted.