I'm sure this question will be answered eventually in the wiki, but say someone wants to use the older style 3dr radios.  What is the pinout of the pixhawk telemetry plug?  The other end of the pigtail will be cut and soldered directly on the radio. Red is 5v.  The black are unknown.

http://pixhawk.org/_media/modules/px4fmuv2.3.pdf  Here?

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is this it with #1 being on the left of the pixhawk?

Yes. Absolutely. I tried it today. No magic smoke, or any other suprises. You have to cross the TX,RX lines of course. I  let RTS unconnected because the wire was missing on the old style connector but i don't believe it will bother if you have 6 wires and connect it. The six wire cable came with the pixhawk, i changed mechanically the wires from the APM style connector. No soldering.


Thanks for the reply peter. You basically wired it up like the picture below? I will try this out tomorrow and confirm.

Exactly, nice picture. I wired it without the RTS wire. It works only on Telemetry1 port. And keep in mind, that there is a lot of trouble with the SiK 1.8 and 1.8.1 radio firmware. It is recommended for the moment to downgrade to 1.7 until a solution is found. 

Peter thanks for the help on this. I tried this out today and it is working good. The diagram in the previous post is correct.

This was helpful although I did make the mistake of not reading the TX and RX close enough and got it backwards. RX is 2 TX is 3.

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