PIxhahk integration with RICOH Camera triggering

Hey guys,

I'm working with an octacopter using PIXHAHK with firmware version 2.3.3. I have to use a RICOH GR IV camera and somehow manage to get an automated triggering from the pixhahk to the camera. I just bought this cable for my camera on Gentles. I have read How-to guide: Pixhawk auto camera trigger (without CHDK) , and it seems that for that particular cable, and an RC control, there is needed and additional RC "statrosnapper". Here's my questions. Would that be necessary if I just want it to shutter via Pixhahk would it work if I connect it directly. Does anybody have any suggestion to make it work?.


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  • Hi @JmonkG there's a page on this topic here:


    I'm about to start using the Flytron cable for this myself. I'll report my results on that thread.

    • Hi @P.Y.Wong, thanks for the response. I did check that thread but found no further info besides buying a frytron cable. Please let me know how does it go for you with the cable. Thanks

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Aug 25