Hi All,

I've been through as many forums and webpages as I think I can handle but I'm getting nowhere.

Have a bit of a frankenstein drone in the making, mostly working but struggling with a few things.

I have the pingrx ADS-B module plugged into Telem2.

915mhz telemetry radio is connected to Telem1, it works and I can connect to the drone and see data through Mission Planner.

I also have a MinimOSD module (to send telemetry to my FPV monitor) and PRM02 (to send telemetry to my controller) connected into Telem1 also, the TX lines on both modules are not connected and RX is connected to the Telem1 TX output as I think it's supposed to be.

I'm not getting any telemetry data to either the MinimOSD or PRM02.

Second issue, I've got external RGB LED's connected, they're wired into the I2C port. They work, until the HERE+ GPS Module is plugged in. Once that GPS is plugged in (GPS1) the navigation LED's switch off and the GPS Module internal LED's switch on.

Really hoping someone can help its doing my head in bigtime.

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I'd suggest you repost in the Ardupilot forums, since that where more Pixhawk 2.1 users are:


Yeah put it on there also :) I’m going to try and remove the OSD and PRM02 from that Telem1 port and leave that purely for the radio, I should be able to move them over to the GPS2 port and I think I may also move the external LED’s over to that also as I think there may be pull up resistors on the I2C bus which may be the cause of the LED’s switching off when the Here+ GPS is plugged into GPS1. Hopefully have an update next weekend!

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