Hello everyone.

I’m Esteban Caligaris writing from Paraguay.

I’m working in an especial project with ArduPilot. The idea is to build an Autonomous Boat that can detect a special substance.

I’m having troubles in the Autonomous part, because there seems to be a problem in the communication between the Pixhawk and my ESC (My ESC: Turnigy Plush-40A, with an incorporate BEC-3A/5V-Version3.1).

What have I done so far? First of all, I have uploaded the last Firmware Available of ArduRover and then gave it a try.

I found out that the Sticker for APM-Rover it doesn’t match with the Latest Firmware. The Steering Output it’s marked at the Main Out number 4, when it actually the Servo for Steering works on the Main Out number 1 (Found out that by trial and error, because my servo didn’t seem to work in the “correct” place and gave it a try with the PX4 Connection Configuration).

Now, my real problem it’s that I can’t manage to start up my motor, and it seems to be that my ESC it’s entering in a Programming Software and I can’t make him to finish it.

I’m working without RC-Transmitter and Receiver, setting the Params for the Pixhawk in order to predefine Auto Mode as the Initial Mode.

My Params:

                INITIAL_MODE: 10 (AUTO)

                CRUISE_SPEED: 20 (20 m/s)

                THR_MAX: 100 (100% of Throttle)

                CRUISE_THROTTLE: 0 %, in a first try and CRUISE_THROTTLE: 100 %, in a second try

                MNT_DEFLT_MODE: 4 (GPS Point)

                RC3_MIN: 1200, in a first try and RC3_MIN: 800, in a second try.

                RC3_MAX: 1900, in a first try and RC3_MAX: 1800, in a second try.

Here’s a Video of what kind of problems am having.


And here are some Pictures of what I’m working for.




Thanks for reading and for helping.

Esteban Caligaris

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