Pixhawk and Graupner MZ 24 Config Question

Hi everyone...I have a new build, hexacopter.  Using Pixhawk, GPS, and FPV system from 3DR.  Attempting to leverage MZ24 Graupner radio.  I think I found the one critical piece of info on this site, set SUM0 8.  Thanks for that info!

How do I determine the model and swash settings?  I've heard that hexacopters might need to be set in airplane mode, and if so what type?  If heli works, what swash setting?

Appreciate any advice.

By the way, the first piece of advice given to me was to not build from scratch on your first attempt.  Darn I wished I listened to that advice!  lol    Albeit this is a lot of fun! 

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  • Thanks Steve: I read the link and that makes alot of sense, TY.  Before I dive into that, when I select Airplane option the MZ24 is asking for aileron and flap config.  And also wing type, normal or delta?  Any ideas? 

    Also Colin, looking forward to seeing how you set up the MZ24. 

  • Hi Dave, You need to set the radio to airplane mode, no mixing and then read through the wiki and take it one step at a time. It is pretty full on but you will be rewarded with success if you follow all the steps....!

    The more you do the easier it gets!!!

    Start here, if you get stuck yell out!! 

    Start here on the wiki...



  • Hi Dave,

    Ill try and post up my MZ24/GR24 settings for a Hexacopter with Pixhawk over the weekend.



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