I bought a second hand Pixhawk controller and ordered a NEO-7M from RCTimer.

I had to change the 5 pin to the 6 pin plug with the ground at pin 6. When I power on the unit it gives a quick flash of he green LED on the gps and MP shows "NO GPS".

I checked power on the PixHawk GPS port and I have 5.2v between pins 1 and 6. Opened up GPS and power is present there as well.

Is there a parameter that I need to change to enable this GPS?

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Have you put the GPS near a window or better still outside for at least 15 minutes?

I will try that it outside right now. My old APM 2.5 with the lea6 would usually get about 4 satellites in my shop so I "assumed" this would. Will see in 15 minutes if anything changes. Thanks for the suggestion.

I got a green blinking LED on the GPS but MP still shows No GPS through telemetry link

First thing I should have checked was the wiring. The TX/RX was swapped. Good to go now.

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