Pixhawk and Px4Flow Line Following

Hi, has anyone created code for line following using a PX4Flow and Pixhawk.  I'm looking to have a quadcopter follow a black line on a white background it gets to a red square, stops and then turns around and comes back to its original starting point.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hey rick

    How did you navigate your drone? Have you worked with the marvelmind beacons as well?

  • I'm trying something similar, and I'm wondering if pixhawk is the right platform.  I'm trying to build an autonomous racing drone.  I've looked at a few options, and they all lead to using a separate arduino to make it work.  I'm sure we could hack the pixhawk to do it.  My issue is with sensors.  I need a way to adjust altitude very quickly at very low altitude.  The nav part is easier.  You might want to try a pixy cam instead of PX4Flow, depending on your environment.

    • Hi Rick,

      I'm currently building a system around an Parrot AR Drone it has the sensors built in and an SDK to come with it.

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