Is it possible to save the current position of the UAV as a waypoint for later use?

I am using an octocopter with a brushless gimbal and camera for filming drama etc. What I am wanting to do is fly the copter manually up to find a start position (i.e a frame that the director is happy with) and save it,  then fly the end position of a move (again, based live on a frame that suits the director) and save that. Afterwards I would be able to load those waypoints and have the UAV repeat that move as often as we want (battery permitting).

I know I can set my home live and therefore see the lat/long, then manually record that to be later loaded as a waypoint, but that would cause major problems for RTL should I need it.

Does anyone know of a better way to achieve this? (Apologies if this has been asked before).

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  • it's dose not work,I set SH in 7CH of futaba as a switch,and I fly the plane in loiter mode,during the trip I put down SH many times,but when it came back,I read log from Pixhawk,KML's waypoint floder doesn't have anything. 


  • I should have seen it before, but I've just found the Channel 7 option to "Save Waypoint"

    So I guess I can just fly to a suitable place, toggle Ch7 switch, fly to the next place and repeat for the end position. Then land and read the waypoints which could then be loaded as a mission and run in Auto mode.

    Has anyone tried this?

    • I have never tried that. Other option is to use telemetry and do the screen shot from you laptop, but first put the LAT and LONG on the HUD screen.

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