Pixhawk autotune fail

Hi Everybody, 

I have an issue with my hex. I cannot seem to get it to autotune when I want it to.Today, I tried to autotune it, assigned ch7 to autotune, assigned a 3pos switch on my taranis to ch 7, took off in stabilize, changed to alt hold, switched ch7 to high, and it did nothing. for 5 minutes, i sat there watching it hover, so i decided to land, in althold, i got about 6 inches off the ground, and voila, autotune kicks in. banks 45 to the right and hits the ground, flips over, and destroys 6 beautiful, balanced, wooden props. Thank god there was no damage to the motors. All trims were centred, 

I am using a steadidrone H6X with 4008-380KV T-motors, 40A T-motor ESC's running on a 5000mah 6S battery. Pixhawk clone and 3dr gps. (2 genuine 3DR pixhawks in the mail as we speak). I will attach the log associated with this flight. 

I cannot for the life of me figure out why It would not autotune for me. I actually switched the props, went out to try it again and see if it had something to do with the throttle setting, but i could not get it to go into autotune...

2014-09-17 08-26-09.log

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  • Craig,

    I have what sounds like a similar problem.

    DJIF550, 3DR Pixhawk, v3.2.1, trying to use autotune in alt hold mode.

    Telemetry says autotune is ENGAGED, but I swear nothing happens...there is none of that "rhythmic twitching" like I see in the autotune videos.

    I've tried 3 times now to get autotune to do something, but nothing is happening.



  • Quick edit-- running AC 3.1.5 latest firmware

    I also used this board on a quad, ran autotune perfectly the day before.

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