Pixhawk : Calibrating the RC

Hello everyone, firstly I am a complete newbie and this is my first build, which is the DYI quad kit from 3DR. The assembly is almost finished, but I am stuck at the radio calibration. I am using a Turnigy 9x V2 system (transmitter + receiver) and I have connected it as described in the assembly instruction. When I connect the quad to my computer ( I am using Mission Planner) everything works fine, and the other calibrations (accelerometer and compass etc) went off well. However the RC calibration screen shows no input detection from my sticks on the MP screen. I see the receiver is bound properly, as the LED on the receiver glows steady red when the transmitter is switched on.

I have looked at some other similar issues and found a jumper can be an issue. However I am not sure how to check that for my case and if that is really the issue. What I am missing here. Thanks vm for any inputs. Let me know if any further details will be helpful

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