Pixhawk DF13 six-position to FTDI cable

Can anyone help me. I am new to 3D Robotics equipment. I have a brand new build in pre-production and it's our first build with the Pixhawk. To play things safe I am using the 3DR OSD/Video kit. However I'm having problems connecting to Telem port 1. Pixhawk is a six pin and the cable is a five pin that splits off to the OSD board and the radio tx. I'm in a jam as my I.D. guys are waiting to engineer the components final locations. I put in a request with 3D Robotics help team and am still waiting for reply. Does anyone have the pinning schematic for the DF13 six- position FTDI cable. 

It's a bit frustrating that a product would be available with no way of connecting it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Michael J. Buckley



Sarasota, Fl. USA

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  • Update: For those of you whom are using the Pixhawk with the 3DR Radio set V2 "thats version 2) and OSD/Video kit, I have the pinning solution. All you need is a DF13 6 pin connector that you can take from the wire that came with the 3DR Radio set. All your doing is moving the wires in the exact order from the five pin to the six pin DF13. The very last black wire on pin five of your five pin DF13 goes to pin 6 on your new 6pin DF13. You will be good to go. I will send you the pdf "which" is incorrect for the V2 by the way. Now your y harness should be all set. 

    • Hi

      Did you ever get that pdf? Im having this issue as well with minimosd

      thanks for any help

      Mark B


      • Hang with me, i'm having problem putting a pdf into this forum. If you pm your email address I can email it to you. 

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