Hello everybody,

So a year later and this new pixhawk I purchased still has yet to work.

Unfortunately I have always had an issue with the board, it never accepted any rc signal.
It did work for one flight I should state but only with either the ppm encoder or the sbus to ppm converter, not without either and after the flight i updated firmware and it refused to work again. And it only began to work after months of countless hours of re syncing the X8R to the xjt with the ppm encoder implemented.
I did a power test between the positve and negative pins and received 4.70v, and I realize its a 5v, but would this be a cause? I would assume no but I can't be certain as I've tried every other possible solution short of physical running a diagnostic on the board itself. 
I have tried resyncing in every way imaginable, I have tried taking out the sd card and reformatting for a fresh restart, I have tried flashing to arduplane back to arducopter, I have tried another Xjt-X8R combo (I purchased a whole new drone to double check its nothing else "X8" and eventually bought an Iris+ also just so I have a more stable platform to my fleet). I have implemented a lipo as I have read that the use of a ppm encoder or converter would requires the extra power in some cases not just the usb power, I have tried simply the pixhawk connected to only the X8R (disconnecting gps, telemetry, power module, I have tried two separate 3DR power modules, and finally, I swapped in my new pixhawk with the same setup I'm currently running and it work flawlessly without any encoder or converter.
So does any one have any idea what so ever on how to diagnose the issue? What are some hardware tests I can fun in order to determine what is the issue causing the disconnect and prevent any RC IN signal recognition?
Thanks for any and all help,
Craig P.

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