Pixhawk Frustrations...this is a cry for help!!

Hey guys, I usually don't ask for help with things because I'm generally not bad at researching and figuring things out on my own but I'm really stumped here.I have a pixhawk that I originally used in a techpod and after about a week of tinkering, I got that working fine. Good coms from ground station, accelerometer working, gps and compass working, all modes working relatively well.I've since tried to transition everything to a quadcopter and have had issue after issue after issue. I can't seem to find a solution to my several problems...1. I'm using a qbrain 4x25a ESC and can get that calibrated fine with my RC Controller but when hooked to the pixhawk I get no response. It just keeps beeping like it's not receiving a signal, even when armed. Everything else appeared to be working as usual. All sensors and RC control although I had to recalibrate the rc connection multiple times. No idea why.I felt like I might have worked through the ESC issue this morning but now I can't even get the pixhawk to start properly. I power it on and all the LEDs at the top light but the big one just blinks yellow a few times then goes blank. I can't connect with USB or radio link(sometimes the USB connection works). I'm really confused because all I did was recalibrate the escs with the spektrum reciever. I feel like everytime I fix a problem a new one springs up.Setup is as follows:-4s zippy compact 4000mah 25c-pixhawk running mission planner and latest quad firmware-qbrain 4x25a ESC-3drobotics mag/gps-spektrum dx7s controllerMy questions are:1: please help?!2. Does transitioning from fixed wing to quad require any special steps? Wiping mem card etc?3. My power module was modified to work with a 6S battery and was verified working but now with 4S is there a problem with if?4. I can't remote arm not sure why...but I can with the button and the laptop.Any help would be incredibly appreciated, I'm stumped.ErikPS. If anyone wants to trade a dji naza with gps I'd be willing to do that at this point.

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  • So, think this will be my final update on this topic.  Thanks everyone who chipped in with advice or ideas.  This morning I attempted to get the ESC's calibrated and the pixhawk continued to restart over and over, making all sorts of dying robot noises and I gave up. 


    I waited a bit and through some sort of black magic as I have not idea what I changed, I got it to consistently start and arm...I have no idea what changed.  I still could not calibrate the ESCs normally so I tried something one of you suggested and powered just the pixhawk with a battery and got it into ESC calibration mode and armed it with the button, then I hooked up a separate battery to the ESC and immediately I heard the two beeps indicating the top range had been found, I moved it down and heard one long beep indicating the bottom range was found.  Then as soon as I moved the throttle up at all they started spinning!  I didn't have time for a hover test but it seems to be working.

    I don't trust this unit though because I really never figured out what was wrong with it and that doesn't give me confidence in it.  3DRobotics was very helpful and even though I'm a little out of warranty they agreed to exchange it for me which his awesome of them!


    Again thanks everyone!

  • I had an issue where I could only connect to my Pixhawk to flash it.

    After about a week and a half of pulling out my already thinning hair trying everything under the sun and hours of research. I finally decided to reformat the SD card..... IT WORKED instantly!!!

    I dont think mine was formatted from the start, as the computer had trouble recognising it and promted me to format it.


    Also one thing to note;

    I have 2 quads, one with an APM 2.5 and one with a Pixhawk.

    Both using a Qbrain 25A 4in1 ESC's. I can confirm all at once calibration works fine on them. 


  • New development...I thought it was interesting that the pixhawk would reach a certain point before going haywire and decided to try swapping out the micro SD card.

    Well, so far that seems to have worked! I didn't have enough time to fully test it out, but it appears to be working now! I had a lot of problems with Kingston micro SD cards I my gopro so maybe they are just poorly made. I'll try and get it ready for an actual test tonight or tomorrow morning.
    • That's what I had to do. Reformating worked for only for a short while. I swaped SD Cards, and mine has been working since.

      Happy flying.

  • http://youtu.be/45XR-rtI-NA

    A video of the startup issues... This happens whether I power it with the power module, USB, or the servo rail as shown in the video.

    Doesn't sound good does it? Sometimes it doesn't get past the yellow blinking light.
    I reformatted the memory card, reinstalled mission planner and arducopter firmware, and updated the IO and was able to do the entire wizard with no issue.

    Voltage coming from ESC BEC is 5.5, power module is 5.6 and when I used USB to do the setup the voice kept saying check board voltage but it let me run through it all.

    At this point I'm going to see if I can get the pixhawk replaced by 3DR and try again at that point. Don't understand how this would randomly just happen. Thanks everyone for your help!

  • can  you  take a pic of your setup?

  • Hi

    I used to run the same ESC on my pixhawk. The fix is very simple. Make sure all your ESC motor connections are connected to your PixHawks motor out ports. Remove all your props before doing this.

    Step 1: Power off your copter.

    Step 2: Turn on your radio transmitter and then put it to full power.

    Step 3: Turn on your Quadcopter and then press the arm switch till it shows solid red. Then remove power to the quadcopter.

    Step 4: Turn on your Quadcopter again. You will hear a long beep sound. Once you hear it and it stops press the arm button again. Your ESC will make two beep sounds. When you hear this immediately return the throttle on your Radio transmitter to idle setting. Wait for 5 seconds and remove power from your Quadcopter.

    Step 5: Power your pixhawk and arm the copter. Now enjoy the mighty Stability of PixHawk.

  • I just successfully calibrated and set-up a 4 in 1 ESC this morning. For the quattro ESC calibration... this video helped me immensely: http://vimeo.com/68142087 
    Just remember to act fast with the arming button and it will work.
  • Some really good advice here, I'm gonna try all this in the morning and I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thank you.
  • Re-format your SDCard...Doesn't hurt to try.

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