Hi Guys,

Mainly I have been using APM boards but have just decided to try an Pixhawk and had a couple bad crashes so hopefully someone can hep me out with the logs to work out what went wrong.

Its a quadcopter setup and I have ran around 6 full batteries through it before this happened.

Was flying around in stab mode and it was fine when all of a sudden it just drops from the sky spinning. Then around half way down it picks it self level and starts to RTL. Thats when I switch it back to stab mode and it drops from the sky again into the ground.

See logs below. Its throwing up a few errors but unsure how they all link and what was the original problem.


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My take is that it went to the Alt Fence limit which is 100m. Then because it hit this it should of altitude and circle but instead it dropped like a stone with the baro recording errors then clearing itself on the way down. It then reconsiders that it is back in the fence area and goes into RTL. Then when I switch it to stab and it drops again?? 

My questions are what would make it just drop when it hits fence? And then once it was upright again why would it drop again?


tried to look at the log file, but its only over 1min long and it shows no errors...are you sure you uploaded the correct one?

if it is, i dont think it was fence mode it doesnt show any errors like that, and your GPS signal was on the low side....and for some reason RCOUT shows a 5th motor? have you checked everything is setup correct ?

Hi Ivan,

Cheers for the reply.

Must have put the wrong one up! Will update that asap.


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