pixhawk hexacopter no lift on full throttle

hi all,

i am using the following setup on my hexacopter. i hav made the setup complete, calibrated accel,compass,radio. when i arm the hexacopter and raise the throttle, motors seem to spin, on full throttle it slightly moves backward but no lift.

frame: hexacopter

motors: 650 kv

props 12*3.8

i am using inverted motor setup on the frame.

i am using flysky 6 ch transmitter and rx with ppm encoder. i have had to power my receiver seperately.

i can hear motors spin faster when i am doing yaw or roll, pitch, but when evn on full throttle it just barely lifts and moves back

i have checked THR_MAX to 1000.

even tried installing different software platforms and coming back to hexacopter 3.2 but of no use

i would really appreciate if someone could help me find a solution

thanks in advance

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  • I would check your props.  Are they installed and moving the correct direction?

    Also, have you performed an ESC calibration?


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Aug 25