Pixhawk + Jdrones Telemetry

Hi guys,

I'm trying to install a j-drone long range 900 mhz telemetry radio to my pixhawk.

But Jdrone comes with a 5 pin DF13 connector for an APM, is there anything special i need to know to swap out the 5 pin for a 6 pin DF13 to use the radio with the Pixhawk?

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    The standard 3DR 6pin Hirose DF13 connector cable that 3DR uses for connecting their telemetry radios to the Pixhawk will not work with the JDrones long range telemetry radio .

    JDrones, as usual, reversed the Tx and Rx connections at the radio so you will have to swap the position of the two black wires next to red power wire in the 6pin DF13 connector at the radio end of the cable.

    After doing the wire swap in the cable, you will find that the JDrones telemetry radio will still not communicate with a 3DR v2 telemetry radio because the JDrones radio configuration does not match that of the 3DR v2 telemetry radio.

    So I built an adapter cable to connect an FTDI cable to the JDrones DF13 radio connector and used MP to view the JDrones telemetry radio configuration. I found that the ECC and Op Send boxes were not checked as in the 3DR telemetry radio configuration. So I checked the two boxes and "Saved" them to the radio.

    Now the JDrones telemetry radio will talk to the 3DR v2 telemetry radio and vice versa.

    The JDrones telemetry radios use the 1.11 version of the firmware.



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