Pixhawk Kits are on Backorder

Hey All,

Figured I'd let everyone know the Pixhawk Basic Kit is on backorder on the 3DR website. They never actually tell you until you've completed the purchase and finally submitted a help request to customer support. I've been waiting on a kit since May 31 and just got a response from 3DR that the kits have been on backorder. Up until that point my order only indicated ready to ship.

I imagine there has been a number of people that have recently purchased or about to purchase a kit. Be ready to wait with very little, if any, communication from 3DR.

Hope this helps!


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  • 3D Robotics

    Tim, I just checked and they're not out of stock (I actually went through the order process as you did just to be sure there wasn't some glitch). 

    If you can give me your order number I can check to see why it's been delayed, but there is inventory now. 

    • Admin

      Hi Chris,

      I will have to disagree with your findings.

      I placed an order for a Pixhawk on Wed of this week and there was no indication of an inventory backorder for the Pixhawks.

      However my 3DR Store account shows that my Pixhawk order R215514824 is on backorder:-(



      • Admin

        Hi All,

        Chris was kind enough to check my account on the 3DR Store and found that my Pixhawk backorder status was a glitch and that they are indeed in stock. My Pixhawk order should ship on Monday.

        Thank you Chris!


        Tom C AVD

    • New system order # is 8575 and the old number is R506843114. Thanks for looking into this!

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