Pixhawk on DJI S800 SW Frame Take off Flip

I stripped down an S800 Spreading wings. I installed a Pixhawk along with a 3DR ublox Gps. It actually went together smoothly. I then bought a Attopilot 90a board to make a power module upgrade for the 6s batteries. Everything checks out fine on power up. 

I selected the proper firmware for the hexacopter and confirmed that the motors where spinning in the correct directions as per the configuration chart in as found in the APM Copter online instructions.

I calibrated the ESC's as per instructions. That checked out fine. 

All systems green, full GPS.

armed system

selected loiter mode

raise throttle and the hexacopter does a back flip

second attempt the same.

This is my first 3DR build and any advice or suggestions would be great. I know someone has put a pixhawk on a S800. It's got to work. I'm clearly doing something wrong or missing  step. I'm going in circle now and could you a little light on the topic.

Thank you in advance

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  • Hi Dave, would the same apply if using an APM 2.5 with the DJI s800 SW's?
  • First thing to check is motor order, the s800 is prewired so If you are hooking into the the M1-M6 ports you will have to swap them about to get the correct order with the pixhawk. On the S800 M1 is front right (in hexa-x config) and the numbers increase by one as you go round the frame anticlockwise, the pixhawk is expecting M5 to be front right.

    See page 5 of the wookong manual http://download.dji-innovations.com/downloads/wkm/en/WooKong-M_Quic...

    For the Pixhawk, see below.

    hexa octo

    Just swap your cables around so that M1 from the pixhawk goes to M5 on the S800 and so on, following the two diagrams to ensure every thing is correct, oh and of course check your motors are spinning in the right direction!

    Hope that helps. 

    • Sorted?

      • So, I have the same problem, When I'll go to the Mission planner to Optional hardware > motor test, the number of the motor doesn't match the order in the online Arducopter Wiki, is it right?

        I have an hexacopter with  Pixhawk (arducopter 3.2 r2 beta )

        May you help me?

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